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As people who love God and serve others, it can feel frustrating to see our lives stagnate or get stuck in self-defeating habits of behavior. The information on this site combines the science of neurocognitive psychology with God’s promises declared in scripture to help you break free into deeper destiny and abundant life in Christ Jesus. Explore and discover tools and techniques for how to grow and change into all God created you to be! Enroll in the Destiny Living online course and join our community today.

Seven Essential Steps

If you desire to grow into all things Christ; if you’re just tired of fighting against yourself; if you want to be filled with all
the fullness of GOD in your thinking, then please download my FREE ebook, “Seven Essential Steps to Grow in GOD,
Receive Your Destiny and Win in Life.”

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Design & Destiny

Join your host, Doreen Lecheler, as she explores God-ordained strategies for sustainable, positive growth and living with purpose and power. The Design & Destiny Podcast publishes every Tuesday morning at 7AM EST. Subscribe now to receive weekly notifications for new episodes.

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Destiny Living

Destiny Living is a 10-unit online program designed to take the body of Christ deeper into the heart of the Father, the mind of Christ and the power of Holy Spirit by providing spiritual truths and neurocognitive tools to renew the mind. Experience Destiny Living and commit to change today. 

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Destiny Living | Christian online curriculum

Providing biblical truths with scientific tools to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Destiny Living is a 10-unit online program designed to take the body of Christ deeper into the heart of the Father, the mind of Christ and the power of Holy Spirit by providing spiritual truths and neurocognitive tools to renew the mind. Experience Destiny Living: at your own pace as an individual, together with a small group,  or with your entire church family. 

Testimonials from the Destiny Makers Community

Am I getting in my way?


Absolutely!  But I’ve known that for a long time.

I’m still working through the wealth of knowledge and helps this course has provided, but I can say with certainty that having gone through these ten weeks with Doreen’s thorough study on how neuroscience finds its roots in God has been eye-opening and exciting. I appreciate how she connected the dots for me from Spirit to Mind to Body, and helped me prioritize that order in order to realize, embrace and PURSUE my potential for the glory of God.  
The format is great.  Solid teaching, solid research, self-study and guided exercises to work through what’s being presented, along with solid scriptural references throughout the material.  Each lesson builds on the one before, and is carefully planned and illustrated through a video talk by Doreen herself, making it easy to take in, to digest and ponder before heading off to work through what’s been taught.  As I did it on my own I enjoyed being able to go back and listen to key concepts. Lots of room for taking notes is provided in the written workbook format.  Important information is presented in different ways and repeated enough to grasp even by someone new to the faith, or new to cognitive science.  
I can’t wait to start the course again, this time with a friend or a group of people as a facilitator.  I’m sure that each time I take the course it will help me grow more solid in my own understanding of who God has made me to be.  I’m truly excited about this chapter in my life and so grateful Destiny Living is part of that.  God bless you, Doreen and team, and thank you for sharing this work with us for His glory!
Kristin M.

Truly Life Changing

This content is not only inspirational but life-changing. The power of your mind is incredible, Doreen teaches you how to harness your mind and live your life to its full potential! The concepts in Destiny Living have helped me not only grow in my faith but learn to manage my mind. 

Megan W. 

Presenting Biblical Truth

What sets destiny living apart for me is that it presents biblical truth in a very fresh clear and practical way. Biblical truth about renewing our minds, how to effectively take wrong thinking captive, and transform our thinking which affects our behavior. So that we end up having more of the mind of Christ.

I’m so confident in Destiny Living I am now gifting it to people, and I look forward to leading groups.

Joyce O

The missing link

I have already done the mission and vision statements but I really felt like goal setting was a missing link I needed.
I believe that tapping into the power of emotionally reiterating specific affirmations as a way to achieve those goals will get me out of the stagnant thinking I was prone to have.

Teresa A. 

This study is unlike any other – much, much care and detail are in it….a lifetime of study, research, love, knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for sharing so much insight and putting it into a ‘study’ format. So well organized, informative, all backed up by scripture.  

Cathy K


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