Got Questions?

Here are some helpful answers to the things you may be wondering about.

 Q.           Is DESTINYMakers part of a particular church or denomination?

A.            No. DM represents every church, denomination, and individual who proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the world. We are a diverse, global community of Christ-followers who come together on the essentials of the faith: the Bible as the inerrant and inspired Word of God; the three persons of the God-head: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the virgin birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ; and the forgiveness of sins and eternal salvation through the shed blood of Christ for all who believe.

Q.           How do I really know if you support with my theology?

A.            Please read our Statement of Faith to see where we stand.  Comments contributed by others may not necessarily reflect our views, but content written by DESTINYMakers, will support the beliefs professed in our Statement of Faith.

Our aim within the community of believers is to model the characteristics and heart of Christ Jesus with one another. As commanded in Scripture, our intent is “to live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, live as brothers and sisters, be compassionate and humble” (1 Peter 3:8).  Because we are an open forum community, members come from various backgrounds and levels of maturity in the faith. This means the views expressed by some members may not necessarily align with all the doctrinal positions of DM or other members on this site.  If you become aware of any conversation that is anti-Christ, harmful, or disrespectful, please inform us immediately. We strive to be a community of love, mercy, grace, reconciliation, and giving (Luke 6: 31-38).

If you ever feel uncomfortable by the information presented, please let us know so we can address your concerns. If you do not feel DM is right for you, you may Unsubscribe at any time.


Q.           I already belong to a church and bible study, so how would this benefit me?

A.            DM fully encourages every believer to “not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching,” (Hebrews 10:25). We acknowledge the local church as an integral part of the believer’s fellowship, worship, and accountability to the teachings of God.

Through the content and connectivity provided by DM, our aim is to enhance your unique Destiny journey and enrich your ministry through a global network of kingdom-living believers. As we see how and where God is moving, we are better able to align ourselves with the work of  the Holy Spirit. When kingdom-seeking believers unite in Christ, our ability to usher in and steward revival in these last days can have impact beyond what we can hope for or even possibly imagine.

Q.           How does subscription work?

A.            Subscription is free and simply requires you to provide us with your email address. Privacy Policy information is detailed below. As a Subscriber, you join the community of DESTINYMakers who wish to connect and engage on a regular basis. You receive automatic notification of newly posted content. You also receive early access and preferred pricing on products, events, webinars, programs, and spiritual growth studies through email notifications with special discount codes available to Subscribers only.


Q.           Can I end my subscription at any time?

A.            Yes. At any time and on every email notification you receive, there is an opt-out, unsubscribe link at the bottom on the page. Please know that we are busy too! So be assured that you will not be barraged with needless, marketing emails. Our intent is to inform and serve you, not annoy you. So at any time, if enough IS enough, please let us know. We value your opinion and will take it to heart.


Q.           What do you do with all of my personal contact information?

A.            The collection and use of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is outlined and detailed in our Privacy Policy. Please take a moment to read through our policy in detail to make certain you are in agreement. It is your responsibility to periodically review the policy for updates. Any updates will be noted at the top of the document with the corresponding date of release.

Q.           Do I require particular hardware or software to participate in the benefits and services of this site?

A.            The age of your computer hardware and software will determine if you are able to receive or open all the features available on this site. Unless you are operating with extremely old software or do not have adequate memory space on your computer for downloading, most MAC and Windows packages can accommodate all features.  MP3 audio downloads; audio listening, video streaming, and Adobe Acrobat (for PDF documents) are all features of our posted content. It may require that you download the free plugins or software to open these types of files. If this is necessary, a prompt should appear on your screen as you are attempting to open or download a particular file. Follow instructions provided by the respective vendor, and you should be able to download and run their program so that you can participate fully in our website. If you experience technical difficulty, feel free to contact our Tech Support to see if we can assist you.

DM Dailies is a daily, Scripture affirmation sent conveniently to your mobile phone. Text messaging available on your mobile phone is necessary to receive this product.


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