Statement of Faith

WE BELIEVE there is one eternal, infinite, and perfect God who is the designer, creator, and sustainer of heaven and earth.

WE BELIEVE this God is eternally represented in the three persons of the God-head: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE Jesus Christ is the Word of God who came in fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures. He was born of the virgin Mary through the work of the Holy Spirit. He dwelt among us in the likeness of man, except he was without sin. He performed miraculous works as he did the will of the Father. He came as an atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world. He was crucified, died, buried, resurrected from the dead, ascended into heaven, and is now seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again in glory to establish his kingdom of righteousness and judge the saved from the damned.

WE BELIEVE in God’s plan of grace and salvation for all humankind. Through Christ’s redemptive work alone, we are cleansed from our sinful nature and given the gift of eternal life for all who believe and testify to Christ’s shed blood as their personal, substitutionary sacrifice.

WE BELIEVE in the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s deposit and guarantor, given to each believer to regenerate our lives and guide us in wisdom and truth.

WE BELIEVE in the inerrant and inspired word of God, the Bible, which is alive and active, reveals God’s sovereign will for humankind, and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

WE BELIEVE in Jesus’ commission to the saints, that through the power of the Holy Spirit we are to be ambassadors of the kingdom and ministers of reconciliation as we go throughout the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and creating unity among all believers.

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