Emotional Detox Webinar



Emotional Detoxing for Optimal Health

All emotions can be boiled down into two groups: fear-based or faith-based. Faith-based emotions lead to health and abundant living. Fear-based emotions lead to disease and death. In fact, science suggests that 87% of chronic diseases have their roots in stressful, negative emotions. Only 13% of disease is genetic or environmental.
Emotions are powerful; they don’t simply go away. They’re imprinted as emotional memory, impacting your reactions and responses every day.
In this powerful program you’ll learn how beliefs and emotions are formed in you; what impact they’re having on your spiritual, mental, and physical destiny; why emotional detoxing is essential to health and healing; and how to change the emotional response patterns that are killing you.

One-hour Webcast Replay PLUS downloadable program script PLUS program Reflection Guide. Price: $29.95

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