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No matter how many dreams you possess, desires you hold, or goals you write, your mind always moves you toward the most dominant idea you possess. Therefore, it is critical that you make your vision stronger than the current reality you know to be “true.”

Did you know over 75% of people don’t set goals for their lives? And for those who do, their goals remain a vague and cloudy dream. Why? Less than 4%, who bother to set goals, actually write them down. Fewer still — less than 1% — review their goals on a regular basis.

The wheel represents areas of a holistic life. Giving the center dot a value of zero (-) and the end of each line a value of ten (+), self-assess how well or how satisfied you are living in the fullness of your potential for that area.

Resources to Explore Your Faith

When we say “Yes” to God and accept His gift of grace, the forgiveness of our sins and the promise of salvation through Jesus’ shed blood on the cross for us, the following becomes immediately true and accessible for us. We are given a new identity, name, and authority in the completed work of Jesus Christ.

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