Keynote Address at KCC

On Tuesday, September 10th, 2013, Doreen Lecheler was invited to give the Keynote Address celebrating the opening of The Patricia D. and M. Scot Kaufman Cancer Center (KCC) at Upper Chesapeake Health in BelAir, MD.

The gala evening involved 160 hospital administrators, major donors, oncology doctors, their nurses, technicians, and staff.

Doreen’s message is a personal testimony to the power of faith for healing, as well as an encouragement to the KCC family to be communicators of life, a beacon of faith, and a people and institution of outrageous hope!


2 Responses to Keynote Address at KCC

  1. Kristin Morris says:

    Doreen, your grasp of the truth concerning spirit, mind and body is unparalleled and bears great witness to the truth of the One in whom you have placed your hope. I am thrilled to know you were given this opportunity to speak your story and your convictions before the staff of this Cancer Center and I’m sure it must have been a moment of great inspiration and motivation for them as, just as you said toward the start of your message, most of the time they are faced with having to treat and work with people in despair and who believe they are without hope beyond the drug, radiation or surgery. May God continue to bless your ministry and your work as He has clearly done.

    • Doreen Lecheler says:

      Thank you, Kristin. It’s such a privilege to have experienced all of this and testify that God is good! By the way, besides your amazing gift of music, you also have the gift of encouragement. I keep up with your comments to others, and you are a blessing to me and so many. Bless you!!

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