The Influence Zone: Leadership Intelligence that Ignites Results

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30-Day Coaching Program & Journal – $74.95

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You play many roles in life. Regardless of your age, title, or income; whether you see yourself as a leader, a follower, or a servant; you are influencing others by virtue of who you are and what you do. Imagine what you could accomplish with more effective influence on those around you. In THE INFLUENCE ZONE, you’ll embody new abilities to mobilize family, friends, colleagues, and community —through meaningful and purposeful relationships.

Every moment, you’re choosing how you approach your interactions. Are you choosing by intent, or by neglect? Your choices determine the maximum radius of your impact, otherwise known as your Influence Zone. Head–smarts alone will only take you so far—to achieve great impact, you must connect in ways that engage others to take action.

About the Program
It’s one thing to know about the traits shared by great, motivational leaders with expansive zones of influence. In THE INFLUENCE ZONE program, you’ll use their most inspiring behaviors every day in results-oriented activities.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Tools to model, mentor, and monitor excellence in others
  • Factors influencing your current intentions and styles of behavior
  • Subconscious triggers that limit or unleash your leadership performance
  • Strategies for effective self-management
  • Diversity factors that spark drive, energy, and creativity
  • How culture influences purpose, alignment, and collaboration

Influential leadership is a learnable skill. Whether it’s in your home, community, or business, in THE INFLUENCE ZONE you’ll integrate the leadership intelligence that connects you to the heart of motivation.


What Companies Are Saying:


“I liked “Leadership is a behavior, not a title.” A quote that, to me, reaches beyond the workplace and can be carried through in every aspect of our daily lives and routines.”

“I was truly challenged by the suggestion to develop my own personal purpose statement. Purpose in life is paramount for life – where there is no vision – people perish.”

“Leaders who truly care about excellence lead by excellent care.”

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