Journey to the Wailing Wall


Send your prayer requests to the Jerusalem Wailing Wall. Doreen is traveling to Israel and would love to bless you by bringing your prayers along the journey. Please submit your prayer needs by May 20th, and Doreen will place them in the Temple wall.


Prayer requests are closed: Doreen is already on her trip!

Are you getting in The way OF YOUR God-ordained destiny?

Are there areas of your life where you’re just not satisfied and would like more?

Perhaps you feel stuck – not moving forward in your God-designed passion and purpose?

Or you’ve prayed and prayed about a personal habit or characteristic you’ve begged GOD to change?

Maybe GOD has laid a desire on your heart, but you feel scared and unqualified to move into your future.

Or perhaps you’re burdened with a heavy challenge in your family, finances, or health and well-being, and you’re wondering how to grow bigger than what feels bigger than you.

Destiny Living teaches you how to create transformational growth and sustainable change in your life. Enjoy Unit One of our online course that takes you deeper into the heart of God, giving you spiritual truths and neurocognitive tools to renew your mind and give you the abundant life Jesus designed for you!

Design & Destiny

Desire to grow in your faith? Join your host, Doreen Lecheler, as she shares biblical strategies for living with deeper purpose and power. The Design & Destiny podcast publishes every Tuesday morning at 7 AM EST.


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Faith-Based Education offers videos, articles, resources and programs that will encourage, enlighten and engage the people of God to live in the fullness of their God-given destiny. Small group bible studies, Christian education programs, and church-wide study curriculums are available utilizing the self-paced online class Destiny Living: Receiving God's Heart For Your Purpose-Filled Potential. 

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