Seven Steps Special Offer


1. Destiny Living: Receiving GOD’s Heart for Your Purpose-Filled Potential is a 10-unit, online course designed to enable you to live life abundantly and take you deeper into the heart of the Father, the mind of Christ, and the power of Holy Spirit. It offers spiritual truths and scientific tools to renew your mind.

The program is effectively completed over a 10-week period. But to give you the opportunity to return to units and reinforce the content, we’ve made your course accessible for 20 weeks from your purchase date.
You’ll receive a digital PDF copy of the Course Materials once you login to your program profile. In addition, you may choose to purchase a print copy of the Destiny Living Workbook for $18.99 on AMAZON by CLICKING HERE.

2. Transformed by Grace is a post-program, 30-day devotional designed to support and reinforce your learning experience from Destiny Living. Each day offers additional application, inspiration, insight, and impact. This eBook will be delivered to you via email after your purchase is complete.

We value you and appreciate the good work you do. We hope you feel the same about us.
Kindly honor our copyright protections by not reproducing and/or sharing the course materials (either in digital or printed workbook form), as well as the content from Transformed by Grace.



Unit One: Beginning Your Destiny Journey

  • The three foundational principles for destiny life in Christ

Unit Two: Defining Your Destiny

  • The essence, intentions, and invitation of God for igniting your purpose-filled potential

Unit Three: Pursuing Purpose, Potential, and Performance

  • The dynamics of change and seven steps for all sustainable growth to occur

Unit Four: The Makings of the Mind

  • How the mind works to better manage that which has been managing you

Unit Five: Unraveling the Roots of Your Beliefs

  • How beliefs and attitudes are built. How they become your default – even when they’re hurtful and harmful to you

Unit Six: Life & Death in the Tongue

  • How the quality of your thoughts dictates the quality of your life, and how to redirect them

Unit Seven: Resolve & Release

  • Steps for forgiveness and releasing toxic emotions to make room for healthy and holy thinking

Unit Eight: Living a Life of Inheritance

  • The privilege and process to create a mindset in alignment with who God is and what He says about you

Unit Nine: Seeing is Believing

  • Steps to assimilate new beliefs into a renewed mindset so you naturally and consistently bear fruit that will last

Unit Ten: Sustaining a Spirit of Destiny

  • How praise and gratitude expand your awareness and potential for more


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