Celebration of Life for Doreen - SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14th

Celebration of Life for Doreen

On Saturday, October 14 th please join Doreen’s friends for a celebration of life and fund-raiser to be held in Estero Florida.

If you’ve already registered for the event, thank you! If you’re planning on attending, please register below so I can estimate the food and beverage counts.

This will be a festive event, framed around Doreen’s exquisite tastes. I’m ditching the batter-fried cheese curds for an upscale hors d’oeuvres presentation. And since the accordion player I reviewed; mandated I supply a can of W-D 40 (for him, not his instrument), I deferred and pivoted to a five-piece African Drum Company (fitting the fund-raiser theme). And we’ll finish out the evening with a Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band.

A short program will take place, honoring Doreen’s message of moving forward. Doreen didn’t want any anecdotal accolades or referenced earthly accomplishments, but rather to focus on God, and the good that people bring in everyday life.

Thanks to all who are attending, helping bring this chapter to a close. Although Doreen isn’t among us physically, her spirit will carry on by the people she empowered through her touch, talents, and tenaciousness that she freely displayed.

I know some cannot make the trip (totally understandable) and for out-of-towners, it’s an enormous expense, and to others a true inconvenience. But I cannot thank you enough (except bring the accordion player in for an encore) for sharing her celebration of life with all her loved ones, my family, and me. I will always be grateful.


Event information:

Date – Saturday eve. Oct 14 th
Time – 5 PM ET – 9 PM ET
Place – 14700 Corkscrew Woods Parkway, Estero, FL 33928

Attire – As a former professional model, Doreen exuded fashion. So Black Tie to Tie Dye, take your pick. But make it classy. Let’s see your flair!

Registration – Make sure you register to get your name on the guest list. You’ll not be able to get through the gate unless you are listed.

RSVP for October 14th in Estero, Florida