The secret to hearing gods heart for you week two biblical fasting

Fasting Week Two

The Secret to Hearing God’s Heart For You – Week Two

To catch up on last week watch week one here:

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Matthew 26:41

Last week we began a new series on “The Secret to Hearing GOD’s Heart for You,” and I talked about Fasting. Sadly, fasting is a spiritual discipline that isn’t taught much, talked about much, or encouraged and practiced much in most western churches today. Some make it a January New Year’s tradition, and I know of ministry groups who, from time to time, will issue a call to fasting to seek GOD’s intervention on a particular issue.

But by and large, fasting is not something commonly practiced in today’s culture where the dominant ethos in society is to satisfy every whim, feeling, and desire we have the minute we have it. Sure, you may have heard or read about intermittent fasting. It’s becoming a more popular practice for the longevity of life, anti-aging, and weight loss. But not as a spiritual endeavor where we abstain from food for spiritual purposes. Over and over, we are inundated with messages that indulgence is to be admired, and denial – denying ourselves of anything – is demonized.

So why in the world would you refuse your feelings, your needs, your body?

Why would you choose to fast before the Lord?

What are the purposes and benefits of fasting?

Week Two Resources:

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