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Doreen Lecheler leadership coachDoreen Lecheler

Doreen is a capacity-builder, goal-setting expert, international speaker, and best-selling author. Best of all, she’s an “incurable” cancer conqueror who gets to live her passion and purpose – growing people and transforming cultures. Whether working with leaders of a nation, community, organization or team, Doreen’s work turns meaningful potential into measurable performance by unfolding the process for how to manage your mind.

Doreen began her career in the mid-1980s, helping to progress several start-up Christian nonprofits into regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized organizations. She held senior leadership positions overseeing growth in program development, business development, and organizational advancement.

Since 2000, Doreen has consulted in business, government, education, nonprofits, and athletics, using researched-based tools and techniques for transformation and sustainable change. She has facilitated high-performance results in the areas of building cultures of excellence, leadership, and team development, change management, employee engagement, goal setting, and vision building. Doreen is a certified speaker for the CEO group, Vistage International.

Doreen has authored two books on personal, professional, and leadership development. Growing from Potential to Performance and The Influence Zone: Leadership Intelligence that Ignites Results each provide 30-days of inspiration, learning lessons, and reflection activities designed to upgrade the level of thinking, behavior, and meaningful, measurable results.

Doreen’s ability to guide outstanding personal achievement never became more critical than in 2009 with a cancer recurrence staged as “incurable” with metastases to the bone. Aligning life-producing principles of body, mind, and spirit, Doreen experienced miraculous healing with no metastatic evidence of cancer. She fervently shares her cancer-conquering strategies to help others overcome challenges and roadblocks that inhibit well-being and success. She is the author of two books on faith and healing. Her last work, The Mind to Heal, was an immediate Amazon inspirational bestseller. She is also the creator of, an online community offering support and resources for Christ-followers to grow deeper into the heart of the Father, the mind of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Doreen serves as a senior advisor with The Pacific Institute Community. She holds a degree in Business from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in Theology/Counseling from Wesley Theological Seminary. | [email protected] | [email protected]